Rebecca Guzman, ACMHC

Rebecca is an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor and has a Master’s in Social Psychology, her fervor for helping people derives from personal and external experience.

Understanding how dysfunctional home environments can affect the human psyche, she has made it her quest to offer room for healing. Her experiences encompass a wide range of human weakness that is not limited to: sexual abuse, divorce, domestic abuse, addictions, social issues, women and youth concerns. As a single mom of seven (now all grown), she understands the meaning of perseverance and hope. Though she always had a passion for teaching (her first love), she realized she had a greater passion for sharing insight to personal issues. This ultimately shifted her career goals from teaching to psychology.

Rebecca was raised in New York City, loves to cook and no one ever leaves her home hungry. She loves nature, tennis, and painting, traveling, and is petrified of riding a horse but wants to overcome that one day. Rebecca recognizes the intricate beauty of the earth and in people, and always challenges everyone to see the “hearts” in their personal lives. It is her hope to create bridges of healing wherever she is permitted. Rebecca’s bilingual (Spanish) experience originates from her Latin heritage and career choices. She has served both as an interpreter and ESL teacher within the Hispanic community and values diversity between cultures.

Rebecca sees clients in the Provo office.